So, what exactly is an “Abilities Coach”?

I am sure many of you have heard of a life coach, right? While life coaches and abilities coaches do differ, they share two important factors. Both strive to help you move forward, and both can partner with you for the purpose of taking focused and meaningful action in YOUR LIFE.

As your abilities coach, my goal is to collaborate with you to discover, or rediscover, your interests and strengths in a way that will better serve you. Based on those discoveries, I can help you facilitate personal growth, and lead you to informed, conscious choices. I want to help you find empowerment through your heart, your body and the communities around you.

I can be an advocate for you.

More specifically, I can serve as an educator to help those around you (i.e. your partners, your parents, your teachers or employers) increase their awareness about your struggles with differing styles in learning, ADHD, and other difficulties with executive functioning. This can help them understand you and join us in supporting you to achieve your goals.

I can help you find supports and strategies that feel natural to you, and match your personal traits. This will support the “here and now”, but may also serve your future independence.

Here’s how:

I am on your side. You are not alone. I can be your coach because I understand, as an individual, a mother, and a professional, many of the things you are struggling with.

Through my connection with other professionals at A Community in Motion, and partners in our community, I have access to a wealth of information that can help you find the things you need to succeed.

Whether you’re an individual, parent, student or employer, I can help.

For more information please feel free to contact me: 603-443-9639.

~In the Spirit of Learning,
Theresa Chausse
Abilities Coach, Practice Manager
A Community in Motion

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