ACiM provides a variety of services to meet the Occupational Therapy needs of students and schools

Abilities Coaching: Generally consists of an initial interview and/or assessment with the client and/or support team and 12-week, 45 minute sessions that focus on building strengths for better executive function and social interactions. Primary population are those with ADHD and other diagnosis that impact executive function or social interaction.
Direct Treatment: Occupational therapy services are performed in a group or individual setting within the home, classroom or work place.
Consultation: An exchange of information occurs between the therapist and one or more members of a support team.
Screening: Generally consists of an observation, interview of one or more of a support team, and a brief encounter with the client in order to determine if further action is needed (i.e. an evaluation or suggestions to help promote skill development). A brief report is written to relay suggestions.
Evaluation: Generally consists of an observation and interview of one or more of the client’s support team, test administration as determined by the therapist and clinical observations. A report is written that interprets the therapist’s findings, provides suggestions and activities to help promote skill development and makes recommendations for occupational therapy intervention.
School Staff Education: Topics include (but are not limited to):

  “What is OT?”
  Brain Gym
  Motor Development
  Alert Program
Summer Camps For Children: Over the summer of 2009 we began to offer a farm camp at Cedar Mountain Farm in Hartland Four Corners, VT. We will continue to offer this kind of program in the future. These camps will continue to consist of activities surrounding healthy choices, enabling skill development, and promoting positive social interactions in a fun environment. Please visit the "Farm Camp" tab on this website to learn more.
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What is Abilities Coaching?

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