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Krystal Trask graduated from New Hampshire Community Technical College with an associates degree in the occupational therapy assistant in 1999. Krystal began working in the public school system in 1999 as an individual assistant for a student with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Krystal worked at Kids Can LLC as a COTA/L from 2001-2005, in school based therapy within the public school system.

In 2005, Krystal was hired as a COTA/L by the Orange-Windsor Supervisory Union providing school based services for children ages 3-21. In 2009 Krystal was accepted into the OT Masters degree weekend program at Dominican College. Krystal continued to work full time as a COTA/L while pursuing her degree. In 2010 Krystal joined Premier Therapy working as a COTA/L in the adult rehabilitation setting and as an OTR/L following graduation. Krystal graduated from Dominican College with her BS/MS in Occupational Therapy in May 2012.

Krystal joined A Community in Motion as an OTR in the spring of 2012 with 11 years of pediatric OT experience. Krystal continues to provide OT within the public school system.

You can email Krystal at krystalotr@gmail.com 

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