A Community in Motion provides Occupational Therapy for those aged birth to senior.

We work in homes, with schools, state agencies, community centers, and alternative education settings.

We believe all people, regardless of background, resources, and physical or mental ability need to have equal access to daily life. It is essential for the development of a healthy and productive community.

The cornerstone of our practice is helping our clients find tools and develop skills needed in their lives. Proper evaluation and measureable goal setting is key.

When needed, the right help can be complicated and costly. For this reason, we aim for the application of common sense strategies.

We put emphasis on body awareness and wellness. To us, wellness means good sleep habits, a nutritious diet, an accessible environment (home, school or work), and opportunities for positive social interaction.

Regardless of circumstance, every journey begins with a single step. Our mission is to encourage those we meet to travel their own paths to personal fulfillment and self-reliance.

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Does My Child Need Occupational Therapy Services?

What is Abilities Coaching?

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